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Christ the King

Walking into Christ The King High Schoo you know this is basketball hallowed ground. There are four giant trophy cases lled with photos, medals, retired jerseys... all basketball. Maybe there are other sports, but you’ll probably miss it. The Royals are the team to watch in New York City high school basketball. This is a program that parents will commute two hours for. They’ll send their kids to live with a family member nearby. This is the rst big step in what all these players hope is the beginning of their careers. They’ve ascended. They’ve arrived. Once a Royal, always a Royal.

This project follows Christ The King over a season as they try to claim another NYC championship. Gyms across the city become a stage where the dreams of teenagers come to life. It is a gure study of the human body in motion and a dramatic study built on tears and rapture. The design is inspired by these bodies in motion— strong, growing, and curious, but still a bit clumsy.

Emiliano Granado

Design with
Roeben Beddeleem