Nike Global Brand ✺ 2020


Kids who love to run love to run fast. However, kids aren’t necessarily aware that Nike can give them a shoe that will make them faster. This campaign was briefed in at the onset of COVID’s work-from-home orders. Creating marketing campaigns during social distancing called for new solutions: standard photography wasn’t an option this time. Being uniquely positioned in the Kids category offered flexibility in trying a different, less direct and less literal approach. Kids are imaginative, kids love narrative. Rather than demonstrate the innovations through slick 3D renders or technical on-body photography, why not personify the innovation and invite kids to the feeling of fast instead?

Nike Air Zoom is an innovative and explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement, reducing stress on muscles, joints, and tendons. Nike Air Zoom is usually hidden within the shoe, but this is the first running shoe to have visible Air Zoom technology. What’s even cooler is this technology is further engineered with Kids growing bodies in mind.

Snappy, energized, fast: that’s Zoom. We created the character Zoom to embody all the qualities of the innovation itself. This character is our star in all the campaign creative, and we lead with the character Zoom over the product photography itself.


This digital-first campaign introduces the Zoom character in the Nike App and on the Kids’ landing page. On Zoom innovation specific running shoe product pages there is a full length video which takes you inside the world of Zoom. Fast, carefree, colorful, magical.

Product Page Extended Storytelling

A second part to this campaign involved educating parents on the difference between Air Max and Air Zoom: two totally different innovations. Air Zoom is for the kids who love to run, are hungry for speed, want that propulsive kick. Air Max is for kids who prioritize comfort and style, and need bounce for all types of play. The Air Comparison page (on is a tool that was developed to share this information on the two distinctive Air innovations.

Art direction for Fly With Zoom Nike Kids’ global campaign creative. Assets used for marketing purposes on, Nike App, Nike E-mail, and Nike retail.

Art Director

Saiman Chow, Illustration & Animation
Paul Reidmiller, Product Photography

Nike Team

Kelly Letourneau, Creative Direction
Lauren Slater, Digital Design
Kate Thornton, Production
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