Micro Interstitials

MTV micro-interstitials are a component of MTV’s Always On, a department within MTV News dedicated to the conversation between social media and broadcast television. Through a diverse, haptic, and always changing visual language, the now defunt micro-interstitial project strived to de-brand MTV as a way of redefining the MTV News brand.

Under the creative direction of Richard Turley, multiple 10 and 15 second animated micro-interstitials were concepted, scripted, and created daily for same-day broadcast. I made about 2–3 a day, and did so everyday for about 1.5 years. You do the math. This is just a small sampling of my fruitful offering. 

This bite size content reacted to topical news stories relating to music and pop culture and often had a corresponding article on MTVNews.com.
MTV, 2014–2016

Role: Designer, Art Director, Animator

I cannot stress this enough: each micro-interstitial was made in about an hour. Do I have your attention? Let me explain.

We had an editorial meeting at 9AM to discuss the HOT NEWS and divided headlines amongst the animators. From around 9:30–10 each animator and writer quickly concepted and cooked up a script.

Before lunch (like 1PM) we had to have our 2–3 animations DONE. As in approved. Packaged up to get a blessing from legal and shipped to broadcast in time for when the kiddos got home from school.


Art Director, Designer, Animator

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