ERICA BECH is retired

MTV The Hole

MTV’s The Hole was a collaborative two-hour experimental block of TV programming, aired on MTV pre-prime in December 2015. The show was comprised of retro MTV programming in conjunction with a careful curation of archival music videos and footage. The name, The Hole, is inspired by the idea that all of MTV’s retro programming is buried deep within a dark hidden Viacom black hole and this project strives to dig deep to re-explore. Four total blocks were created for air, each block dedicated to a specific year (i.e. 2003), showcasing MTV originals like Jackass, Laguna Beach, and Viva La Bam.

The visuals are inspired by the graphic language from the 90s and early 00s, pulling type from Emigre, and graphic textures from the early dot-com boom. In-show graphics include fact pop-ups, video preview overlaysand a live ticker. The introduction and show transitions continue the metaphor of the black hole, sucking in and out of a time warp after each commercial break.

Art Direction, Design, Animation

Creative Direction
Richard Turley

Visuals in collab with
Sally Thurer

Mike Devine
Darcie Wilder

Video Editing
Will Batchelor
Ryan McNamara