These days, kids have all kinds of things that are pulling them away from sport & play—screens being one of them. This Nike Kids back-to-school campaign leans into the allure of all things digital as a means to inspire new ways to play.
Nike, 2019

Role: Art Director
3D Design & Animation: Jack Sachs

The visual direction for this campaign was largely inspired by the digital language kids love in augmented reality and virtual reality. Apps like Snapchat merge the physical and digital worlds and it was this sentiment that drove the mixed physical and digital art direction for this mini-campaign.

Rather than denying the increasing presence of digital technology, Nike Kids accepts this as a driving force in Kids’ lives. How can the digital world inspire a new way to play sport in the physical world? This campaign was a very small step towards asking those questions both internally and to the Nike Kids consumer.

Known for creating fantastical 3D illustrations and rendering them in real life scenarios, Jack Sachs was the perfect partner for merging IRL campaign photography with his digital 3D creations. The two leading product concepts for this campaign were Future Speed (a running shoe) and Future Flight (a basketball shoe). Jack's illustrations supplement the potential realities surrounding these products: illusory speed and other-worldly flight.

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Art direction for Nike Kids back-to-school campaign. Assets created for a global audience, living on Nike.com, Nike App, and retail.

Art Director

Jack Sachs, 3D design and animation Unruh/Jones, Product Photography
Katie McCurdy, On-Body Photography Happy Finish, Retouching

Nike Team

Kelly Letourneau, Creative Director

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