Erica Bech is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary designer, art director1, consultant, mentor2, and creative alchemist who thrives in shaping distinctly rich visual narratives.

As a conceptual leader, energy dealer, and champion of craft, they are passionate about courageous collaboration and loving3 the process to catalyze creative electricity.

say Hello[At]EricaBech[dot]com

1. 10+ years experience as an art director in brand marketing (agency and in-house) including Cash App, Nike, Kin Euphorics, Wieden+Kennedy, Instagram, Apple, and MTV. Portfolio available upon request.
2. Holding space for young creatives to chat about early career things, like: navigating feedback, deck building, personal projects, portfolio presentation, interview prep, networking, pivoting, and dreaming.
3. «thank you knitbone and sweetgrass and sunchoke and false indigo whose petals stammered apart by bumblebees good lord please give me a minute...»

Portrait by Caro Ramirez